Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Minutes, March 23

In today's meeting we discussed many things about the rest of the semester and the future of Rotaract.
We will not have a project this weekend, but we will be participating in the LAX Conference this weekend, Sunday, March 27. This year the topic of the conference is Social Entrepreneurship, and Rotaract has been invited to participate in the conference and in the poster session from 4-5 pm. We will meet this Saturday, March 26, to design a poster for this session, and then set up at 3:45 on Sunday for the conference.
We also discussed the Fun Fair, which is on Sunday, May 1st. We have agreed to help the Rotary of Swarthmore with one of their activities for the fair, and so we will be helping out at either the car smash or obstacle course on that day.
For the rest of this semester we have other projects that have been planned out. These include:
-Philly Clean-Up, April 2, 2011
-Cradles to Crayons with Saturdays of Service, April 9, 2011
-Baking for the Ronald McDonald House
-Teaching science and helping out with science related activities for children
-Parlor Party
It's going to be a fun semester!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Minutes, March 16

This Saturday we are helping out at the Brain Safety Fair at the Frainklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia. We will be volunteering by being in charge of different stations, including helmet fitting. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are pre-med, and more challenging stations can be assigned to volunteers with a stronger science background.

-breakfast/lunch will be provided
-please wear comfortable clothing as you will be squatting to fit helmets. Polo shirts, sneakers, jeans are acceptable as long as no skin is exposed when bending over.