Thursday, April 21, 2011

Minutes, April 20

This is what we discussed today:

Tuesday- Next (last) meeting, 6 pm, Parrish Parlors, dinner from Aria. Sign up for shifts for fun fair, hang up flyers, plan transportation for getting fruit
Tuesday-Wednesday- get knives, cups, ice, soy milk, get giant poster from Lang.
Wednesday- go to BJs or genuardis or co-op or target to buy fruit, juice, yogurt
Thursday- meet at 7 at Shane lounge to start cutting up fruit in basement, parlor party at 8 *wear shirts!
Sunday- fun fair1-5 *wear shirts!

Other stuff to do:
-Everyone needs to pick up a shirt
-Pass on all Rotaract stuff to Jen and Eleanor
-plan meeting with Jen and Eleanor and Joy Charlton

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